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About this site
Everything you wanted to know about the site in a nutshell

The site has a new look and new layout. Most of the materials from the previous site are still here, albeit in a different layout. We hope you will find the site to be user friendly. Everything is open to public view with some exceptions, such the Member Database and forums. The Member Database retains the logins you have always used. If you wish to use private portions of this site you will need to register with the site which is a seperate login from the member database.

Layout and Navigation. There are 3 areas for navigation in the site on the left, top, and top right. The navigation on the left and top are for moving around in the site. The one at the top right is for logging in and registering. Most of the navigation items are self explanatory. The home page of the site will have the most recent News. News items can be announcements, notes on upcoming events, or, well... news. These postings are by nature perishible information. They will leave the home page as they are replaced by newer items, but they are never entirely gone. Once off the home page, they can be retrieved from the News Categories link. Think of Articles as archived materials. This is the area where such things as past Mission Plans, After Action Reports and net scripts will be found.

Forums. The forums have not yet been fully implemented. We are looking at how they can best be used. They might be good place for planning discusiions, or perhaps where exercise participants can post comments for incorporation into an After Action Report.

Calendar of Events. The calendar gives us place to post dates, times, places of events, whether one off or regularly scheduled. Anyone has the ability to post an entry, but only staff members will be able to edit or remove entries.

Member Polls. This is a way to get feedback from the members. For example, The EC or AEC training might post a poll on some training options to see where the members feel the need is. Anyone can view the contents of a poll, but you must be registered to vote in them or see the results.

Downloads. Currently the downloads area is not populated but this will be a place to go to get things like Winlink or Winpack.

FAQs. Did you ever have a small question, that you knew was simple, but you just couldn't lay hands on the answer? That is the purpose of the FAQs. They can relate to the site, to ARES, to the ARRL, general radio operations, etc. We are going to need your help to build the FAQs into something useful for all.

Web Links. This is the area to find content that is not actually a part of our site, but useful none the less. These can be categorized to make it easy to find entries.

Registration. Registration is as easy as entering a username and email address. Your username should be your callsign in CAPITAL letters. While the system will allow you to register with any username of your choice, any registrations with other than callsign will be removed from the database. We are, after all, a group of amateur radio operators. To register just click on 'Click here' under the 'Not a member yet?' entry. Again - site registration is totally seperate from the Membership Database registration and username.

What can you do to help? First, register. Once you are registered there will be 3 additional links in the navigation that let you submit Links, News or Articles. You will be able to add content to the site, making it better for all of us. Once an item is submitted, it will be reviewed by a staff member or moderator and posted as appropriate. If anyone is interested in assisting with the site, please use the 'Contact Us' link.
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