New Member Sign Up
Posted by KC6USN on June 27 2012 12:45
The Waldo Canyon fire has generated new members signing up for PPARES, for which we are greatly appreciative. To insure that the folks signing up are clear, the sign-up is a two step process. PLEASE make sure you sign up on both sites (this and the membership database). We have people signed up here, at the PPARES site, who are not registered in the Membership Database.

I understand that can be confusing, so a small explantion is in order. The Membership Database is a standalone application that was designed specifically for ARES members to register their skills, equipment, training, availability, emergency notifications, etc. It is very good at what is was designed to be, however, it does not give the ability to broadcast news items, or store information. Therefore we have two sites, each with a specific function.

Please read the membership instroduction before signing up in the database. it explains the expectations and requirements for joining Pikes Peak ARES. Be sure to fill out the datbase completely by clicking on the tabs across the top in the membership database. Use your email address if you have one; notices of activation, events, etc. will be sent to this email address.

In order to be considered a full member on this site, you must be registered in the Membership Database. I encourage those of you registered here, to click on the link at the top left and register in the Membership Database if you have not already done so.

One final note - you MUST use your CALLSIGN as username. It allows us verify your status as an Amateur Radio operator. Accounts created any other way will be deleted. Thanks for understanding.