Tactical Net Protocol Reminder
Posted by KC6USN on June 27 2012 09:06
A “tactical” callsign designates your location, function or both (i.e. “Tejon Shelter,”
“Penrose Main,” “EOC,” “Red Cross,” etc.) The rule is “TACTICAL IN, CALLSIGN
– use your tactical callsign to contact NCS so they immediately know your
location/function and give your callsign at the end of communication to indicate you
are clear.

In a directed net, your first call is automatically directed to the Net Control Station
(NCS); therefore it is redundant and wasteful to say "Net Control, this is Penrose
Main." Instead, simply say your tactical call sign, i.e., “Penrose Main,” and NCS
should respond with “Penrose Main Go.” If you have not yet been assigned a tactical call, use your callsign suffix (preferred) or full call sign as if it were a tactical call.

Please review the entire Annex N for full information and examples HERE